Our Story

Hello, you beautiful light!
Welcome to Kraftmir, an extension of the sacred space we have created for ourselves here in our home in Schriever, Louisiana. We’re Bethany and Michael, the founders and creative souls behind Kraftmir.
When we first met as coworkers, we knew instantly that we made a great team. We loved working together, and of course, were soon falling head over heels for one another. We have loved creating art, learning and growing together, and even when our careers took separate turns, we longed to keep working together. When we launched Kraftmir, it was our own way to do just that, while sharing the joy of our art with others. For four years, we worked on this together on our days off work. It has been quite an adventure as we engaged with various forms of functional art - making bath bombs with essential oil blends, wire wrapping crystal jewelry, and even furniture making. Whatever art form we felt called to, we explored.
As we grew more mindful and learned to listen to our intuition, we noticed something in the way we chose to spend our time away from work and on vacations. We were always seeking out spaces that could help us feel more grounded, more centered and more connected to the Universe. It took us a while, but we finally realized that this was the energy we wanted to create in our own home. This was the way we could feel every day, if we cultivated a sacred space at home.
As our home transformed, so did Kraftmir. Our purpose became much clearer - we wanted to create pieces that others would also find energetically uplifting as they curated their homes and evolved them into the sacred and loving spaces they could thrive in. We wanted each piece we make to be that light that made someone’s day just that little bit better, to make that little difference that tips a bad day over to being a good day. With this in mind, we worked our way to turn Kraftmir into our full time jobs. We’re so proud to say that this is the case today!
In June 2020, our home once again transformed as we welcomed our sweet baby girl Alice Ann into our little family. We are so delighted to watch her grow in this loving and creative space we have curated for ourselves. Our hope is to be able to give her the opportunity to explore all the amazing and healthy ways to express herself without fear, and show her that she will be able to grow up and make a living doing what she loves.
We thank you so much again for taking the time to get to know us better. Please browse the store to see if any of the pieces resonate with you. Connect with us on any of our social media channels just to say hi or enquire about any pieces or customization you’re thinking of. Most of all, keep being that beautiful light that you are. You could be that light that helps someone find their way today.
Good vibrations, 
Bethany & Michael